Top 4 Best 4 Burner Gas Gill Under $500 2023

Grilling season is here, thanks to longer days and warmer temperatures. If you’re in the market for a new grill, whether you’re a rookie or a seasoned griller, you’ll want to get one that’s worth your money. Reliable gas grills with solid construction may be found for $500 or less in a broad range of sizes, from small ones for a balcony to six-burner beasts that can serve a crowd. We’re here to assist with many brands and varieties to choose from.

Gas grills are available in various appealing painted or alloy steel finishes, and many versions come with extra features like side burners, incorporated meat thermometers, and electronic ignitions. Continue reading to learn about the features that may be offered in a gas grill at this price point, as well as why the options shown here are among the finest available.

For a variety of reasons, people are increasingly turning to gas grills. For starters, utilizing gas is more environmentally friendly and efficient. You don’t have to wait for your coals to burn; with gas grills, you can cook and eat right away. You can light up the grill and cook your meal to perfection with a gas grill. Whether you’re searching for your first gas barbecue or a replacement, we’ve compiled a list of the Best burner gas grill under $500.

Top 4 Best Gas Grills for Under $500 (2023 Review)

Royal Gourmet GB4001B

Royal Gourmet is a producer and supplier of professional grills that combine product design and production. Cleanup is a breeze with the detachable grease cup’s colossal capacity. Flat top with easy-to-remove side handles for cleaning. With high stability, fixed side tables carry accessories and seasoning.

Fasteners for the propane tank are included in the easy-to-assemble kit. A rapid ignition button to provide a consistent spark and simplify things. The griddle top is detachable for cleaning since it has side handles. With an easy ignite hand-operated ignition, your grill will light up and heat up quickly, making it ready to use. You may use it in either a large or small size.

Remove the oil cup using the simple side handle for a hassle-free clean. The enormous open mouth gathers oil drippings, and the other anchoring system keeps it in place.

You’ll be cooking in no time with the GB4001B 4-Burner, which is simple to use and construct. It’s ideal for outdoor BBQ gatherings since it has a thick, flat top griddle plate with a total surface area of 784 sq. in. 4 powerful stainless-steel burners deliver 52000 BTU.

They are independently regulated with low to high thermostat settings for various cooking possibilities. The grill is black powder-coated steel with a cold-rolled steel cooking surface and a long-lasting stainless-steel control panel. This grill features an easy-to-use push-button ignition system that ensures your griddle is ready to use immediately! Spend less time worrying about outdoor cooking and more time enjoying the great outdoors.

Enjoy outdoor grilling, outdoor living, and more with the GB4001B. Cook sausages, eggs, pancakes, steak, salmon, rice, vegetables, teriyaki-style meals, and more.


  •                     Durable and strong
  •                     Easy to clean
  •                     Large storage
  •                     Convenient to use


  •                     Produces much more heat than others
  •                     Needs improvements in model

Cuisinart CGG-7400

The Cuisinart Four-Burner Gas Grill is designed for severe grillers. Compared to a wire grate, the large cast iron cooking grate maintains heat for longer and radiates it more evenly. It offers 443 square inches of grilling space with an extra 167 square inches of warming space.

The grill’s temperature increase rack is an excellent tool for controlling time by keeping cooked meals warm while other foods complete cooking. It’s ideal for keeping grilled veggies warm, as well as for toasting hamburger and hotdog buns and other loaves of bread to absorb the delightful smokey smells of the grill. You can maintain the temperature warm in one place and scorching hot in another. Cook delicate delicacies like prawns and fish to perfection, or shift thoroughly cooked meats from the hot side to the warm side of the grill to rest.

The thermometer was accurate, the grill lit quickly due to the high temperature, and you must turn it steadily. It will not ignite if you flip it too quickly. However, it is a grill with black porcelain depths. Nothing beats having a bottle opener nearby when you’re cooking on a hot barbecue.

There’s no need to look for this vital equipment with the Cuisinart Gas Grill. Relax with a drink or your favorite beverage while you take in the sights and aromas of excellent food being prepared. When it’s time to grill, there’s no need to seek matches or lighters. Each knob controls the flames precisely, from high heat to a gentle simmer, which is a simplicity that expands the range of foods that you may cook on the grill.


  •                     Effective grease collector
  •                     Steel body structure
  •                     Large warranty


  •                     Less durable
  •                     Leaking problem

Char-Broil 463377319

Four coated steel highest burners provide a wide temperature range with fine control and are sturdy for longer-lasting performance. This Superior 4-Burner gas grill is exclusive to includes stainless steel construction with a modern and sleek style that will be the envy of your neighborhood. The package does not provide you with the propane cane.

While grilling, use the lidded side burner to prepare sauces or sides. The top folds down to cover the burner and provides more work or prep area when not in use. With the press of a button, the electronic ignition system offers a rapid and dependable starter. To survive the weather, the structure is made of stainless steel. The work and prep room are plentiful on the side shelves. 

A thermometer on the lid allows the griller to better monitor and manage the heat. Cleaning is made more accessible by the grease tray and pans being removable. The Char-Broil, an Amazon exclusive, crams a lot of grilling functions into a sleek and elegant stainless steel cart design.

Whether you’re grilling for a few friends or throwing a backyard party, this flexible barbecue has plenty of cooking areas. This device has porcelain-coated cast iron pans that are rust-resistant and simple to clean, as well as long-lasting Stainless Steel burners. Cleaning is also a breeze with the detachable porcelain-coated grease pan. A clamshell temperature gauge allows you to monitor the internal temperature of your grill quickly. Push-to-start electronic ignition ensures that you can reliably light up your barbecue every time. A 10 000-BTU side burner is great for sauces and side dishes.


  •                     Smoother than others
  •                     Thorough cooking
  •                     Suitable for budget


  •                     Less durable
  •                     No Grease handling
  •                     Needs improvements

Monument Grills 24367

This season, enjoy the weather with Monument Grills 24367, the durable stainless-steel grill built to last for years of unforgettable get-togethers. Grilling on a primary cooking surface is ideal. In terms of the grill, it’s well enough and built.

Be careful that many assembly screws are already in the holes where they go, except for one that has backed out. Users will have access to 72,000 BTUs of grilling power. In Monument Grills 24367, the stainless steel barbecue is built to last for years of cooking and delicious meals. The LED lights may be turned on at any time of day or night for a dazzling grilling experience.

A dedicated sear burner is a nice touch, as is LED illumination on the controls. You may look forward to further years of grilling with your new barbecue. Everything is for customers, and the engineers care about what they’ve made. These are machine screws into brass inserts, not sheet metal screws. It’s well-made and long-lasting.

It might not hold up as well as the heavier stainless steel grills if you have to transport it across rugged terrain. It shouldn’t rust, but it may be because of the lighter gauge. Another important consideration is to get a warranty plan; given the minimal assistance, the cost of a warranty plan is negligible. All pieces are well-made and well-positioned. It’s an excellent grill, especially since it has two side burners and another searing burner.


  •                     Classy and unique design
  •                     Large cooking area
  •                     Long warranty


  •                     High-cost
  •                     Needs improvements


Despite the oppressive heat, everyone enjoys summer barbeques since they are an excellent opportunity to spend time with family and cook delicious cuisine.

In essence, many things impact your decision to purchase a gas barbecue. This list covers several well-rounded items that meet most, if not all, of these characteristics, from price to fuel type to BTU capacity. However, due to their adaptability and significantly better heat controls, you may use any grills, as mentioned earlier. You must discover through trial and error which foods cook best at which temperatures. However, once you’ve mastered it, you’ll find it to be highly convenient and dependable.




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