Best 5 Cup Coffee Maker with Auto Shut Off 2023

Are you a coffee lover? Are you fed up with your worn coffee maker? Are you in search of a small size coffee maker? A coffee maker that you can use at your home or in your offices? A coffee maker that not only looks stunning but is actually useful? Because here, we will provide you with a list of some Best 5 Cup Coffee Maker with Auto Shut Off. So, keep reading and get your desired Coffee Maker 


Gevi Coffee Maker:

This fantastic coffee maker is programmable. There is a timer in it that helps you set brew time automatically. And the best thing is, you can set the timer in advance, up to 24/hours. So, you don’t need to wake up your sleeping family to make you a coffee cup. You can set the automatic timer of this amazing Gevi Coffee Maker in advance. And enjoy your coffee instantly without any time waste.

Another most fascinating feature of this amazing Gevi Coffee Maker is its keep warm functioning. A non-stick warming plate in it helps keep your coffee warm for up to 2 hours once brewing is done.

So, you can enjoy your hot coffee without brewing it again, instantly. So, the non-stick warming plate is very convenient to use and is highly beneficial to keep your coffee warm and fresh.

There is also a reusable coffee filter in it. This reusable coffee filter is highly beneficial as it helps you save your money from buying new paper water filters every time. Also, these reusable water filters are pretty easy to clean. So, this feature of a reusable coffee filter makes your Gevi Coffee Maker unique and convenient to use.

There is also an option of auto-pause in it. This option allows you to pour your cup any time during the brew cycle. It also ensures no more messy spills on your counter without reason. So, this particular characteristic of Gevi Coffee Maker is very suitable as it helps you keep your kitchen and counter neat and clean.

Moreover, this coffee maker is compact in design. It is pretty space-saving and good looking. This coffee maker is capable of making 5 cups because of its 750 ml large capacity tank. You can use it anywhere, but it is more suitable to use at home or in offices. So, the space saving feature of Gevi Coffee Maker makes it quite beneficial for you.

Highlighting Features:

  •         Material: Plastic
  •         Brand: Gevi
  •         Colour: Grey
  •         Capacity: 750 Milliliters
  •         Weight: 2.68 Pounds
  •         Serving Size: 5 Cups
  •         Programmable: 24 Hours Preset
  •         Keep Warm Functioning: 2 Hours
  •         Item Model No: GECMA082T-U


  •         Programmable Timer
  •         Reusable Coffee Filter
  •         Keep Warm Functioning
  •         Auto Pause
  •         Compact Design


  •         The spout is a bit smaller in size

Capresso 5 Cup Mini Drip Coffee Maker:

The design of this cute little Coffee Maker is really admirable. It’s very concise and compact. It won’t take much space on your counter and will easily adjust in the cabinet. It has the capacity to make 5 cups for you.

So, perfect for two to three people. It has a black base that looks decent and stainless-steel accents that make it stunning. Also, it has a glass carafe that makes it look stylish in every way. You can easily use it and brew through the lid.

Also, it has a fantastic glass tone permanent filter with it. So, you don’t need to panic and go out again and again to buy paper filters. Paper filters are not only expensive for you as well as they are messy. And this golden tone stylish filter not only looks great but also is very easy to clean.

Moreover, it has a drip-free pouring spout and an ergonomic handle. Both these things make it comfortable to hold and help you pour without any spills. So, this Capresso 5 Cup Mini DripCoffee Maker is not only stylish but also easy to handle and use. Moreover, it won’t make your kitchen or counter dirty at all.

Apart from all the features mentioned earlier, it is also easily programmable. You can set a time, and it will automatically brew as per the given instructions. It can be programmed for about 24 hours, and you can check and select the time from its digital LCD time displays. So, in short, this Capresso 5 Cup Mini Drip Coffee Maker is very time flexible and will save your precious time.

It also keeps warm. There is a non-stick warming plate inside it that will keep your coffee hot for about 2 hours. You can just take your cup any time, fresh and warm. And after two hours, it will automatically shut off to save energy. So, this Capresso 5 Cup Mini Drip Coffee Maker is not only time saving but also energy saving.

Highlighting Features:

  •         Weight: 2 Pounds
  •         Manufacturer: Capresso
  •         Country of Origin: China
  •         Model No: 426.05
  •         Capacity: 5 Cups
  •         Heating System: Coil
  •         Auto Shut Off: After 2 Hours
  •         Filter: Gold Tone


  •         Compact Design
  •         Gold-tone Filter
  •         Automatically Programmable
  •         Keep Warm Functionality
  •         Internal Water Level Indicator
  •         Digital LCD Displays
  •         Auto Shut Off


  •         A bit noisy

Phyismor 5 Cup Coffee Maker:

This coffee maker is also programmable for 24 Hours. You can pre-program it at night time and then wake up to your fresh cup of coffee in the morning without any hassle. So. You don’t need to be worried at all. It will save you time and book your cup of coffee in advance. This Phyismor 5 Cup Coffee Maker will prove to be a tremendous hassle-free device for your daily usage by making your errand easy and quick with its pre-programming feature.

Apart from the pre-programming feature, this Phyismor 5 Cup Coffee Maker will keep your coffee warm for a long time. For instance, it really doesn’t matter if you are busy for an hour or even for two hours. Because this amazing Phyismor 5 Cup Coffee Maker is going to solve this problem. It will help you a lot by keeping your coffee ”Hot”. And you won’t bother to reheat it. It will be as fresh as just brewed a minute ago.

This Phyismor 5 Cup Coffee Maker is compact in design. And the best benefit of the invention is, it takes very little space. Another advantage of its compact design is, it looks fantastic. So, this Phyismor 5 Cup Coffee Maker is really cute, concise as well as compact. And you can use it at your home or in your office also.

Another remarkable feature that makes it unique and exciting is Auto Pause. You can pour your coffee out anytime during the brewing process. And it will prevent spilling out for about 30 seconds. So, the benefit is, it won’t make your kitchen or counter messy at all. If you want your kitchen to be mess-free, then this Phyismor 5 Cup Coffee Maker is a good choice.

Another characteristic that makes this coffee maker stand on top of the list is its reusable coffee filter. You may find it very difficult to buy a new filter every time. But this Phyismor 5 Cup Coffee Maker solves this problem by providing you with a reusable coffee filter. It will save your time and also your energy to make your brewing a fun process.

And lots of time, it isn’t easy to wash coffee pots, but this Phyismor 5 Cup Coffee Maker is really convenient to wash and clean. This Phyismor 5 Cup Coffee Maker feature will save your precious money and energy by shutting it off automatically after some time.

Apart from all the features mentioned above, this Phyismor 5 Cup Coffee Maker has a curative glass coffee pot that looks good and is good to use. There is a tiny glass carafe measurement mechanism in it. It will help you fill accurately to make your cup full of fluff. There is also a handle to grip it with ease and pour it with comfort.

Highlighting Features:

  •         Weight: 3.8 Pounds
  •         Brand: Phyismor
  •         Capacity: 5 Cups
  •         Programmable: 24 Hours
  •         Keep Warm: 2 Hours
  •         Tank Capacity: 750 ml
  •         Auto Pause: 30 sec
  •         Colour: Dark Grey
  •         Filter: Reusable


  •         Easy-grip handle
  •         Durable glass coffee pot
  •         Reusable Coffee Filter
  •         Auto Pause
  •         Compact Design
  •         Keep warm functioning
  •         24 Hours Programmable


  •         None

The Bottom Line is All the Coffee Makers, as mentioned earlier, are good; you can go through the specifications, pros, and cons deeply to decide what suits you best in accordance with your needs and demands. Some of them are good in brewing, and some are good in pouring, some spills, and some are a bit noisy. I hope this article will help you to choose what is right for you! For further details and queries, click the link given below.



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