Best Cutting Board America’s Test Kitchen 2023

A decent blade isn’t anything without a similarly proper slashing board on which to utilize it. While a few gourmet experts like lighter-weight sheets. Others see the final word hacking board as thick, and muscular. Lopsided model produced using wood or bamboo. They contrast with a lightweight plastic or composite board. Such a committee is speculation. It would help if you went through additional cash.

Do normal upkeep. Also, utilize more muscle to lift and move it for cleaning, aside from that money and energy. You get a load-up that is genuinely charming to hack and may most likely endure forever. On each board, we minced the parsley, hacked onions, and cleaved bits of bread. Cut chicken cutlets and cut pounds into bone-pieced chicken lumps.

The tallness of a slashing board is another significant thought. Sheets that were very 2 inches thick, With legs that raised them every 3 inches high had put the long cooks—blades in a place that appeared to be typical for slashing most ideal approaches to cut solid boards.

Best Cutting Board America’s Test Kitchen 2023

Bamboo Cutting Board 17 x 13 x 2″ Extra-Large XL

When it includes wood cutting sheets, a considerable lot of us imagine that they’re each of the same. Yet, they are most certainly not.

They contrast in their properties, which influence the plan of the board as well as its solidness. , before you pick on a wooden board, this is frequently the most straightforward surface regarding cleaning. Blade support and bait.

Thinks about two unique kinds of creation, in particular, grain and edge grain


Huge Multipurpose American Walnut Wood Cutting Board

A huge cleaving load up might be a sturdy load upon which the texture for cutting is set. Kitchen cutting sheets are regularly produced using wood or plastic and are accessible in different widths and sizes.

There additionally are cutting sheets made using glass, steel, or marble, which are more straightforward to wash than wood or plastic-like nylon. Corian yet harms the blade because of its hardness.

Massive Wood Cutting Board with Handle

The wooden cleaving load-up is about the top-notch determination of the absolute best class. It is coming in its novel and regular tone and grain.

Genius Chef is best for bamboo, plastic, glass, and acacia. Teak for getting ready or serving its natural products, vegetables, meat, or bread. A nut for its strength, consistency, and marvel cutting board wood. Natural and food-grade cutting boards deliberately prepare and get done with oil and wax. So you’ll appreciate utilizing it out of the case.


Breville Bov900acb Bamboo Cutting Board, Brown

They intend to sit on top of the Breville Countertop Convection Oven to save bunches of significant counter space. This bamboo cleaving load-up likewise serves as a serving plate for its recessed handle. Bamboo is antibacterial and ingests contact dampness, making it cleaner than other hardwood—utilized as a plate. It is regularly carried onto the table where it can work as a trivet. The silicone legs at the base make it stable after cutting and ensure fragile surfaces.

Which Cutting Board Is Right for You?

Counter Space and Use

Quite possibly, the principal contemplations while picking a board are counter space. We suggest getting the most fantastic board on your counter or kitchen table can serenely oblige most cooks. More luxurious sheets are the most adaptable and valuable, as they give more space to performing undertakings, all things considered, regardless of whether it’s dicing an onion or separating a chicken.

Proficient cooks additionally like them since they permit you to keep all your prepared fixings in a single spot: on the board itself. On the off chance that you have enough counter space, put resources into an enormous board estimating at any rate 15 by 20 inches.

Spending plan

Cutting sheets are accessible at each value point. When all is said and done, the greater the board, the more costly it is. Wood and bamboo sheets are likewise more expensive than plastic sheets of a similar size, as they require more costly materials and craftsmanship or assembly.

Material: Wood and Bamboo versus Plastic

Cash doesn’t get you a “superior” board, however. As opposed to what numerous people will advise you, we have the motivation to accept that practically speaking; there is almost no distinction in how wood and plastic sheets perform. In primer tests utilizing robots to recreate long-haul use, we found that wood sheets and plastic sheets dulled blades at similar rates.

In the test kitchen, we’ve utilized the two sorts of sheets for quite a long time. On the off chance that anybody would see a distinction, it would be our test cooks, who use them for almost 8 hours every day, five days per week—and we’ve never had a test cook grumble that our number one plastic sheet

 were demolishing their blades. 

Wood, bamboo, and plastic sheets all feel and sound altogether different. Numerous people lean toward a timber or bamboo board’s style and activity—and some are extremely lovely. Others don’t mind a lot of what their sheets look or sound like; all things considered, a board is above all else an instrument. Inclinations are close to home, yet they likewise rely upon non-aesthetic factors.

Plastic sheets are a definitive comfort item. You can hand-wash them on the off chance that you like them; since they’re so light, they’re simpler to move off the counter and around a sink.

In any case, you can likewise toss them in the dishwasher—a shelter on the off chance that you scorn cleaning dishes or are nauseous about taking care of the board after you’ve prepared poultry, fish, or meat. (Try not to stress, wood cutting board fans—the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Food Safety and Inspection Service guarantees us that as long as you clean your sheets thoroughly with cleanser and heated water, there’s no motivation to accept that they’re any less sterile or protected to use than plastic.)

Sturdiness and Abuse

Sturdiness is additionally worth thinking about when purchasing abroad. At the point when appropriately kept, a decent wood or bamboo cutting load up can endure forever; for some, this life span more than legitimizes these sheets’ more significant expense.

Whenever treated with care, plastic sheets can be nearly as strong. However, they will in general twist and break throughout the long term. Since they’re more affordable yet, they’re likewise simpler to supplant.

On the off chance that you do a lot of high-power undertakings, for example, butchering at home—mainly if you utilize a blade, which can break or part any load up, wood or plastic—we will prescribe adhering to a plastic load up, as your wallet will be more joyful if you do have to get another bag up occasionally.


In all honesty, your tallness can likewise be a factor while picking aboard. Ordinary stature people are best off with straightforward reversible sheets that have no feet or little feet. In case you’re tall. However, you should put resources into a thick board with enormous feet, for example, our next in line hard core wood cutting board, as it will ascend higher over the counter than a footless board, permitting you to slash without slouching over very much.

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