Best Dutch Oven America’s Test Kitchen 2023

When it comes to making savory soups, stews, casserole dishes, as well as other meals in your kitchen, you’ll need a multi-functional bit of kit that can make things easier, faster, and more efficient. Dutch ovens are wide cooking pans that absorb and transmit heat evenly to all regions of your dish, retaining its taste and moisture.

They’re usually built of Cast Aluminum or Iron, with strong walls, a thick bottom, and tight-fitting lids, giving them exceptional heat properties. Dutch ovens are commonly used for baking, frying, and roasting food, and they may be used both indoors and outdoors.

Dutch ovens of the highest quality The kitchens of America’s test kitchen are designed to provide you with better and more versatile cooking alternatives in your own home.

Best Dutch Oven America’s Test Kitchen 2023

Lodge EC1D43 Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven 

It is an excellent piece of equipment for preparing various dishes; this model has excellent heat retention, ensuring that your meals retain their flavor and taste. The Lodge EC1D43 is designed for those who require something small enough to put in their kitchen cabinet. The Dutch oven is made of cast iron and has an enamel covering on the outside.

Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven 

It is another high-quality model that creates to provide consumers with the best possible cooking experience. The device accomplishes this by uniformly dispersing heat throughout its construction, allowing your food to retain more taste and moisture.

This type is made of heavy-duty cast iron with an enamel coating, a highly long-lasting alternative. Because it works with any cooking surface and oven, the device may prepare a wide range of foods.

Lodge L8DD3 Dutch Oven (Iron)

It is a high-end Dutch oven with a variety of unique and complementary features. The device is composed of cast iron and has a 1.5-inch-deep cover that may be used as a skillet when needed. The construction is extremely tough, able to endure any force or scratch without leaving a trace.

Both the lid and the oven include side handles for convenient movement and storage. Both the lid and the base are resistant to temperatures of up to 5000F. The 5-quart Dutch oven is ideal for any special cooking requirements you may have.

Lodge L2SP3 Cast Iron Dutch Oven, 2 Quart

With this model, you may enjoy all of the advantages of an excellent cast iron Dutch oven; the pot is robust, thanks to its strong construction. The product is simple to clean and maintain and requires little work. The model is available in black and includes pre-in-2-quart quantities.

The lid may easily open by holding the handle on the top of the oven; there are also two handles on opposing sides. They may use both outdoors and inside in any circumstance where cooking is required.

Best Dutch Oven Buying Guide 

Before purchasing any goods on the market, you must think about a few factors. Shape, size, color, material, functionality, and pricing all change between models, and each of these characteristics reveals something about the service delivery given.

Based on some of the variables given below, you must choose an option that meets your needs. After giving careful thought to the alternatives you’ve considered, you’ll be able to select the ideal model for you.

Materials Employed

Stainless steel, copper, cast iron, and porcelain-enameled cast iron are among the materials used in the versions now on the market. The most durable of the four materials used in Dutch ovens is cast iron, which has the highest lifespan usage of any of the four. Cast iron, on the other hand, needs a significant amount of labor for good upkeep.

Porcelain-Enameled cast iron is a superior alternative to cast iron, and models made with it are known to transmit heat more effectively. The coating on this substance tends to peel off over some time. Copper has the best heat conductivity of the four materials, which means your cooking time will be cut in half.

They’re tough, but they react badly to acidic meals, making them a risky choice. You can, however, use copper versions with a stainless steel liner to avoid food contact. The last type of model is stainless steel, which is long-lasting and has strong heat conductivity. They can be used in the dishwasher, freezer, and broiler, although they are scratch-prone.


When looking at alternatives, there are many sizes to choose from, but you must base your selection on the size of the dining audience. If you’re the only one in the house, a smaller size will save you money. A family can choose a model with a capacity of 512 or 6 quarts; these capacities should be enough.


If you don’t want your food clinging to the bottom of your oven, there are non-stick variants available. These types are significantly easier to maintain in the long run, but they wear out rapidly. It would help if you also kept an eye out for the handles on your Dutch ovens since you’ll need them to move and utilize them easily. They must be large enough for you to grip them comfortably.

Round or oval?

It refers to the many forms in which Dutch ovens are available; you may pick the one that best suits your needs. In comparison to round versions, oval models have a wider choice of capacities available on the market. When it comes to oval models, you have a variety of sizes to choose from.

A Kitchen Must-Have

Before you add a cast-iron Dutch oven to your culinary arsenal, it may appear to be nothing more than a large, hefty pot. But believe us when we say that once you have one, your life in the kitchen may never be the same.

A cast-iron Dutch oven is composed of a strong, robust material that not only distributes heat more evenly than other pots but also helps it maintain heat for longer, using less energy for slow-cooking foods like braises. Here are a few examples of what your Dutch oven can do:

  • A braise is a lengthy, moist cook over low heat that is usually started by searing the food – either meat or vegetables – and then partly covering it with fluid. The braise can then be completed either on the stovetop or in a warm oven.
  •   Stewing is similar to braising in that it uses more liquid to produce a rich sauce that is served alongside whatever you’re preparing.
  •   With ease, boil beans, lentils, or your favorite soup recipe
  •   Because of its high sidewalls and huge capacity, your Dutch oven may also use to fry meals. Because of its capacity to maintain heat when cold items are added, it’s the ideal tool for ensuring your fried meals are crisp and not sloppy with oil. In tests, Lisa McManus, executive editor of Cook’s Pictorial and Cook’s Country and the on-screen gadget guru for America’s Test Kitchen, discovered that this arrangement (with a clip-on thermometer) functioned better than a dedicated deep fryer intended for home cooks.
  • You may even bake using your Dutch oven, such as in no-knead bread recipes. It works as a high-powered baker’s oven to create crispy results.



When you buy a dutch oven from a recognized manufacturer, you can be confident you’re getting a high-quality item. Here are some of the most well-known brands on the market today: Cuisinart, Lodge, AmazonBasics, Le Creuset, and a slew of other brands available.


  •         Braising
  •         Browning
  •         Sauces in the Oven
  •         Baking
  •         Boiling


These instruments are a must-have for any serious cook; they are extremely flexible in performance and functionality. They are suitable for use on both stovetops and ovens. These finest Dutch ovens can handle any culinary activity; most Dutch ovens come in various forms, prices, sizes, features, and colors, so choose one that best matches your needs and expectations.

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