7 Best Electric Grill For Balcony of 2023

Electric grills permit you to relish grilled cuisine without the menace of toxic chemicals reaching your apartment’s interior. They might be the only option to cook on your balcony. An electric grill that you can set up on your balcony is ideal. Some grilling fans are reluctant to employ electric grills due to the difficulty of getting the same smoky flavor and texture as a charcoal or wood grill.

Electric grills are capable enough to yield excellent dinners if you take the time to season your food properly and wait a few moments more for it to cook. In addition, these barbecues are handier. They are generally easy to clean and keep at a constant temperature. Here are some of the best electric grills for balcony 2023 if you want to take advantage of this convenience.


 52020001 Gray Q1400 Best Electric Grill by Weber


Over time, the Q1400 electric grill by Weber has grown in popularity. It is among the best electric barbecues on the market right now. It’s perfect for apartment balconies, and you can even use it inside if you have adequate space and a grill station.

This desktop device comes with a cooking area of 189 square inches, heating coils of 1560-watt, and a 6-feet grounded wire. The original Weber Q insignia embossed in the lid, comfortable side handles, control knobs, increased grip handle, strong back and front cradles are just a few of the functional and interesting innovative designs. Another benefit is that you might not need to use an extension cable.

With a cast aluminum body and lid and a large grasp handle, ergonomic side handles, control knobs, and the Weber Q 1400 has a stylish design. You can adjust the center temperature with the infinite heat control settings, and the cast-iron grilling grates being porcelain-enameled offer your meal a beautiful finish. It is ideal for people who like to save space.




  •     Cast iron grates
  •     Cast aluminum body
  •     6 feet cable is supplied
  •     Adjustable temperature
  •     Heat retention liners




  •     Cooking space is less
  •     Expensive


Patio Bistro 20602109 Best Red TRU-Infrared Electric Grill by Char-Broil


The TRU-Infrared grill by Char-Broil is a perfect solution for those who don’t want to use gas or charcoal on their patio. It’s miniature enough to be used in a balcony or a patio but big enough to simultaneously cook more than 10 burgers. Via the integrated control knob, the user may easily change the temperature.

The front handle acts as a towel and tool rack while allowing easy movement. The grill has two wheels that let you move it without lifting it and setting it up. The tiny design incorporates a tray underneath the grilling unit that can carry beverages, seasoning, and additional objects while tending to the dish. The grate is porcelain-coated, which is resistant to food sticking. It’s also easy to clean and corrosion-resistant.

The innovative cooking grate of TRU-Infrared technology uniformly disperses heat all along the grill surface. Fire outbreaks are no longer a problem because the foil acts as a barricade between the flames and the food. Consequently, the food will consistently be more juicy and flavorful. The cooking system’s top-ported stainless steel burners may be easily adjusted to uniformly create high or excessively lower temperatures throughout the cooking surface.



  •     Stainless steel grates
  •     Compact
  •     Dishwasher safe
  •     Easy to move
  •     Nonstick grill plate



  •     Durability Issues


GGR50B Regular Outdoor/Indoor Electric Grill by George Foreman


 This Outdoor/Indoor Electric Grill by George Foreman is a great choice if you’re looking for a freestanding feature in an electric grill. The entirely electric system enables high-quality grilling without charcoal, gas, or flare-ups. It offers a traditional and durable appearance. This electric grill has a retractable stand that may be used on a table or outside on a terrace.

This Electric Grill can cook more than 12 servings of exquisite meats, vegetables, kebabs, and more. There are 5 different heat levels that you can choose from with the help of adjustable temperature control. You can cook your food at any chosen temperature using these temperature settings. This grill gets fairly hot either for searing steaks or other grilled dishes. With the help of long-lasting nonstick coating and innovative fat-removing slope, you can easily make large, delicious batches of everyone’s favorites.




  •     Detachable stand
  •     Large capacity
  •     Nonstick coating
  •     5 heat settings




  •     Heating takes time


CEG-980 Outdoor VersaStand Electric Grill by Cuisinart


 The Outdoor Electric Grill by Cuisinart is a panini press, contact grill, and griddle all in one. It’s a great alternative to charcoal and gas grills in places where they’re prohibited. A slim and compact design makes this electric grill affordable and easy to use. It includes a powerful electric burner of 1500 watt, 5120 BTU that quickly heats up.

The VersaStand’s legs are integrated into the grill’s base. Telescopically adjustable legs can easily snap into a certain position at a convenient grilling height. When you’re done cooking, the telescoping legs can tuck beneath the grill to be stored in a drawer or closet. A porcelain-enameled grate of 145-square-inch provides an adequate grilling surface for cooking steaks, burgers, chicken, and vegetables simultaneously.

Preheating the grill for upto 10 minutes is a must before you begin cooking. For a smokey flavor, add some wood chips dampened in water. The smokey scents of the wood are emitted as the chips heat up, which is absorbed by the foods.




  •     Durable and Portable
  •     Premium quality
  •     Large capacity
  •     Telescopic legs
  •     Nonstick grates




  •     Expensive
  •     No heat setting


XL Smokeless Electric Indoor Removable Griddle Plates and Grill by Power


The Smokeless Electric Indoor Removable Griddle Plates and Grill makes indoor and outdoor cooking possible. Even for your BBQ party, the grilling surface is large enough to cook eight large hamburgers, three rib pieces, or a complete feast of vegetables and meat all at one time.

The Oil Drip Tray found below catches grease and fat as it drips while cooking. You get excellent grilled feasts for the whole family in one portable, easy-to-clean gadget. It has a ceramic nonstick grill surface. Because the Cerami-Tech Coating is extremely nonstick, you won’t need to apply any additional oil or fat. Even the tiniest fish will never stick to the surface.

With up to 450° variable heat control and smart temperature management using LEDs, you can get the precise temperature for the correct degree of crispiness you desire. Due to quick, homogeneous heating from beginning to end, foods remain juicy without overcooking.




  •     Heat control
  •     Good for Indoor usage as well
  •     Large capacity
  •     Features LED
  •     Nonstick coating
  •     Nominal price



  •     Uneven cooking
  •     No timer
  •     Lot to clean


Raclette 8-Serving Electric Indoor Grill by Hamilton Beach


You can enjoy an easy dinner party that your guests will never be able to forget with the Hamilton Beach Raclette. Everyone else at the table can cook meats, seafood, and vegetables on the grill top that is non stick while sauces and cheeses meltdown in the 8 separate trays beneath, similar to fondue.

While the separate raclette warming trays keep the sauces and cheeses warm, the nonstick grill/skillet is perfect for searing hot meats, vegetables, and seafood at a considerably increased temperature. The 8 independent warming trays for keeping condiments and sauces and melting cheese allow each guest to create their dish with their favorite components easily.

This compact party grill comes with a large 200 sq-inch Teflon, dual-texture BBQ surface. It’s perfect for parties or to make family dinners more pleasurable. When you turn on the grill, a light on the facade illuminates to remind you to turn it off after you’ve finished cooking.




  •     Multipurpose
  •     Nonstick coating grill/griddle
  •     Inexpensive
  •     Serves whole dinner party




  •     No warranty


B70082 All Seasons Floridian Portable Electric Grill by Kenyon


The Kenyon Floridian Portable Electric Grill is an alternative to its gas- and charcoal-fueled counterparts for people living in areas where coal and gas grilling devices are no longer allowed. The Florida grill has a simple yet appealing design. The concealed element in this electric grill effectively removes all smoke, making it safe to use indoors on patios or balconies.

It is made completely of stainless steel with a cooking area of 155 sq-inches. The lid and grill grate are dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. This electric model is durable and gives excellent results. The 304 stainless steel is corrosion-resistant. Although it is small-sized, it packs a tremendous punch, reaching 600°F within 10 minutes.




  •     Durable
  •     Stainless steel exterior
  •     Heats quickly




  •     Expensive


Final Remarks


No matter how little your balcony is, you can find a barbecue that will fit on it. Some folks prefer grills that can prepare steaks and hamburgers, whereas others prefer to prepare a wonderful barbecue feast using an indoor smoker on their balconies. Whatever you choose, BBQ or grilled food is delicious, and you’ll always find an indoor appliance to reduce the fat while keeping the flavor. Most electric grills are made of stainless steel or feature nonstick grill plates, making them simple to clean to place in a dishwasher.


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