5 Best gas grill under $250 For 2023

If you grill once in a while and don’t have enough yard or deck area for a permanent barbecue, a tabletop one would be ideal. A larger, more permanent barbecue would be a better alternative if you have the space and plan on cooking outdoors frequently.

However, if you want to pay less, there are many possibilities. While you won’t buy a professional-grade device that will last eternally, an expenditure version must last you years of grilling, hamburgers, steaks, and more—as long as you clean and maintain it properly.

You will not need a grill with a huge cooking area if you rarely cook for more than two people. If you entertain frequently, have a large extended family, or want to prepare large batches of food ahead of time, a grill with a wide cooking area will save you time and effort.

Consider how long you expect your grill to last based on your requirements. Since there are so many choices in the current market, some of them seem to be far superior to others.

American Gourmet 463773717



The Char-Broil classic 3B 360 is a three-burner gas barbecue with a heat output of 30,000 BTU. The primary cooking surface spans” broad x” deep. It has 360 square” of cooking area. The porcelain-coated grids are rust-resistant and simple to cook on and clean.

The traditional 360 features two metal side racks, each measuring” wide x” deep, which are robust and give much-needed work and prep space. The grills are mounted on two fixed’ and two 6-inch wheels for mobility and stability.

The porcelain-coated steel top and firebox ensure that the Char-Broil classic 360 can survive the environment and weather. Place all of the grill’s pieces in a convenient location where you can quickly pick them out; the parts are numbered in the assembly instructions.


Three stainless steel in-line stoves on the interior are long-lasting and provide excellent cooking results. The grill lid and firebox are made of porcelain-coated steel for further longevity. Before you begin, look over the hardware and components lists in the manual’s rear section.

Examine each step as you get further, and ensure you have all the components and hardware you’ll need before beginning. The cooking grids have an extremely tiny diameter and will rapidly burn through.

Because there is a lot of room between the squares, some hamburgers may slip through. Because this is a porcelain-coated grid, it must be oiled before each use to avoid sticking. The burner controller knobs only spin about 1/4 turn. Thus temperature adjustment is limited. The three tube-shaped burnings do not burn evenly, resulting in hot areas. The temperature varies across the grill.


  •       Durable and strong
  •       Piezo Ignition
  •       Budget-friendly


  •       Not for large scale grilling
  •       Hard set up


Cuisinart CGG180 CGG-180


As if it were a giant grill, it cooks uniformly. The Cuisinart Stainless Steel Petite Tabletop Grill is robust and sturdy, unlike other tiny grills. It runs on propane and has a twist start ignition for quick start-up. It’s ideal for tiny places.

It is more environmentally friendly than huge grills because it maintains the heat close to the cooking surface because of its small design. This barbecue is ideal for the beach, tailgating, hiking, fishing, or camping. Its diminutive size allows it to fit into tight locations and move anywhere. It’s simple to clean and has a dishwasher-safe detachable grate.


The modest size of this compact, high-performance grill allows it to be placed practically anyplace for maximum convenience. Despite its small size, the grill’s huge cooking grate can accommodate most family dinners, including eight steaks, eight hamburgers, 6 – 10 chicken broth, or over 4 pounds of fish.

The grill warms up rapidly and consumes a fraction of the gas that a full-sized barbecue would. Best of all, because of its excellent mobility, you can prepare your meals wherever you are – at the beach, at the stadium, at the camping – anyplace. The innovative telescopic base easily converts from a tabletop to a floor stand. It folds up almost instantly and is integrated within the grill for extra convenience.

Cuisinart is known for its innovative culinary gadgets. The spill-resistant drip tray, ample carry handle, and grill lid lock contribute mobility. Underneath the grill, the drip pan is inserted.

Cuisinart’s distinguished brand isn’t restricted to their well-known food processors; connected or unplugged, no one covers the modern cook better than Cuisinart. Cuisinart is a full-service gourmet resource with many items that chefs and customers appreciate.


  •       Unique design
  •       Portable
  •       Easy to use
  •       Long warranty


  •       Not for a large family
  •       Less durable
  •       Fewer features


Megamaster 720-0988EA


The porcelain wire cooking grids of the Megamaster 3-Burner Gas Grill are incredibly robust. Furthermore, a convenient warming rack maintains your buns warm and aids in the slow cooking of your side dishes.

The two sturdy wheels enable you to smoothly maneuver your well-priced, intense, adaptable grill, and the practical folding shelves aid with preparation and serving. 30,000 BTUs over three burners give plenty of grilling capacity to satisfy your guests, whether for a festival or a get-together. You’ll be OK with this grill.

Cleaning is a breeze with the stainless steel settings menu. Use a cleaning agent and a towel to wipe the surface clean, and your grill will be ready to dazzle. 


You have a cause to invite the next-door neighbor over with almost 400 square inches of cooking area. For your next grilling expedition, this is your go-to grilling powerhouse. This barbecue is affordable for everyone and can be used anywhere, whether in a garden or on a patio deck in an apartment.

The sturdy stainless-steel control panel makes operating and maintaining your grill a breeze. If you want to dial up the heat, stay updated upon that temperature monitor embedded within the unit. Porcelain wire cooking grids are also included with this barbecue.

The practical folding shelves aid with preparing and serving, while the two robust wheels enable you to maneuver your well-priced, potent, adaptable barbecue.

It performs admirably, has ample cooking area, and has a tiny storage dimension when not being used. Assembling the labeled well is not difficult, but reviewing the guidelines are required to ensure that everything is done correctly. It’s an excellent value for the money. Although the materials used to construct it are thinner, it has performed well in lighting and cooking.



  •       Heavy-duty
  •       Large BTU
  •       Durable
  •       Unique design


  •       Hard to set up
  •       Heavy


Huntington 24025


Designed in America’s heartland and built to last. Every grill is intended for long-term use, dependability, and effectiveness. Every grill is constructed using high-quality materials. As a consequence, you’ll have a grill that’s solid, powerful, and unbeatable, one you can be proud of and rely on for years to come.

There are three hundred ninety square inches of total stovetop, including a chrome-coated warming rack and a 25 000 BTU burner system. This barbecue takes a standard big propane tank. I’ve never heard of an apartment putting a restriction on the capacity of propane tanks for barbecues. This grill is simple to put together, and it quickly heated up and grilled the steaks to perfection.


The instructions are only a visual reference, and you must carefully study the small images to place the parts accurately. As soon as the grill is assembled and turned on, it immediately ignites and becomes extremely hot.

When you start cooking on this grill, it seems to grow hotter. The cast aluminum cook box is fantastic. However, the grill might be a little more durable. It only requires a front piece of sheet metal to cover the cart’s aperture. This is standard on most grills, so you might have to make something up. It also has the Huntington surname, but the polycarbonate side trays and the shape of the cook box cover are different.

There’s nothing fancy about it; it’s just lovely backyard cooking with food that’s prepared quickly and freshly and tastes fantastic. Special screws and a power drill bit are included in the box.


  •       Classy and unique design
  •       Heavy-duty
  •       Heat resistance
  •       Safe to use


  •       High-cost
  •       Hard to set up
  •       More heat to burn the food


For this type of money, the market is filled with grills. However, since this price range is so cheap, you might quickly take advantage of it. Consider any of these gas grills if you want the most bang for your money since they feature a large cooking area, lots of prep room, a lot of heat, and last a long time.

It’s simple to light, thanks to the twist-to-start ignition, and a built-in hood thermometer lets you keep track of the grill’s internal temperature at a glance. The grill’s small and compact design makes it simple to take camping or a tailgate. A detachable oil drop cup gathers liquids as you cook, making the grill easy to clean.



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