Best Pellet Grill Under 600 of 2023

If you want to dazzle your family and friends at your next BBQ party with properly smoked meat but don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of preparing it, then a pellet grill is the right option for you. Pellet smokers or pellet grills work by feeding miniature wood shots into their firebox beneath the grates and regulating the temperature with built-in technology.

Some pellet grills come with smartphone apps to obtain temperature and feed information straight on your phone. Pellet grills have become more popular due to this technology, but they are also quite pricey. However, just because you’re on a budget doesn’t imply you can’t acquire one bearing top-notch features. We’ve listed down some top low-cost pellet grills currently available.

Wood Pellet Grill Smoker by Z GRILLS


Although multiple people prefer pellet grills, some might find it challenging to produce authentic, tasty BBQ and steaks with pellets since the fuel frequently lacks the identical flavor characteristics that traditional grills have. However, you can obtain that smokey, wood flavor that many steaks enjoy with the correct pellet grill. For the greatest pellet grilling experience, this Pellet Grill features a hybrid smoker/grill set up with a temperature controller.

The dual-rack wood pellet grill has a 513 sq-inch primary cooking surface and a 187 sq-inch warming rack. The grill’s hopper capacity is 20-pound, providing plenty of room for cooking throughout extended parties and events with loads of people. The automatic pellet feeding makes it simple to retain the proper temperature, allowing you to concentrate just on the grilling.



  •     Simple controls
  •     Large grilling surface
  •     Attractive finish




  •     Heavy
  •     Expensive

Mahogany (PB440D2) Wood Pellet Grill by PIT BOSS


This pellet grill can also be used as a smoker, with the sliding plate flame broiler providing indirect or direct heat. Its LED readout with other computerized controls make cooking simple, and it can manage the temperature ranging from 180-500 degrees for searing steaks for the ideal crust to slow-and-low cooking.

The porcelain-coated steel cooking grids have a total cooking area of 518 sq-inches (plus an upper cooking rack which is removable), so there’s plenty of room for family meals of four people. The pellet hopper holds 5 pounds of pellets for many hours of grilling, which is suitable for short cooks such as smoked fish or chicken, Despite the limited seating space, you can easily sear two chicken thighs at a time before completing them with indirect heat.

The side table can be removed for saving space on a small deck and in cases where the grill needs to be stored. A bag of pellets or other objects could be stored on the lower shelf, and the mahogany-colored cover gives the grill a distinct aesthetic that sets it apart from the competition. The side table is useful for carrying tools or condiments, and the two huge wheels make it easy to relocate to the right spot on the deck or in the yard.



  •     Wheels at the base provide portability
  •     Easy ignition
  •     Versatile




  •     Small hopper capacity
  •     Uneven heat
  •     Different temperatures on controller and barrel
  •     Small area for searing


SmokePro SE Pellet Grill by Camp Chef


Camp Chef is a well-known name in the grilling and smoking industry, particularly pellet grills. This one has a temperature range of 160-500 degrees and two meat probes to keep an eye on your roasts.

The chimney top is adjustable, and clever smoke technology helps maintain the ideal temperature if you prefer to smoke rather than grill.

This grill boasts a system that manages grease and an ash cleanout system with the help of a convenient lever for easy cleaning and maintenance. It’s simple to move around, thanks to the roller wheels. The 18-pound pellet hopper in a spacious cooking area makes cooking for a family or a party a breeze. Separate warming racks and a front shelf can be purchased separately.




  •     Ash cleaning system is lever-operated
  •     Well-built
  •     Includes meat probe




  •     Low level of smoke


ZPG-450A 2020 Upgrade Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker by Z GRILLS

 Z GRILLS improved its ZPG-450A pellet grill, making it easier to use for beginner grillers by upgrading pellet feed systems and temperature control. The digital control panel now instantly ignites the pallet grill and can give temperatures ranging from 180-450 degrees for various cooking ways. A large front table has a fold-down feature that allows holding plates, tools, and food.

The temperature can be easily checked via the LED display. The porcelain-coated cast-iron grates have a total cooking area of 459 sq-inches, with 331 sq-inches on the primary grill and 128 sq-inches on the warming/smoking rack. With a 15-pound hopper capacity, you can cook for approximately 15 hours in one sitting without reloading it. The bronze color of the lids is appealing, and the two huge wheels make moving it into place simple.




  •     Easy to operate
  •     Large hopper
  •     Fold-down front table




  •     The accuracy of the temperature control unit isn’t always reliable.


20202106 Rider Deluxe Pellet Grill by Oklahoma Joe


The Pit Control System on this barbecue makes grilling nearly perfect. The timer will notify you when your meal has spent the required amount of time at the desired temperature, and the temperature probe will monitor the inside temperature of the food.

This grill features a 578 sq-inch porcelain-coated cast-iron grate and two 328 sq-inch adjustable upper racks so that you can cook for the whole family or a party. You can also choose from a range of cooking setups, including those with or without the optional accessories and racks. This unit features hanging hooks, a towel bar, a bottom shelf, and a side shelf, as well as wide wheels that make it easy to move.

This grill can go as high as 650 degrees for the ideal crust on meats in the sear mode and as low as 175 degrees for low-and-slow cooking. Airflow is increased by two smokestacks, resulting in even heating across the cooking chamber. The hopper holds 20 pounds of pellets and has a “quick-draw” system that dispenses pellets from the bottom of the hopper, making it simple to change flavors or store pellets if the grill isn’t in use for long periods. While this is on the higher end of the price scale, the features make it well worth the money.

This is a luxury pellet grill. With only 617 sq-inches of cooking space and one chimney, it’s a fraction of the size of the Deluxe, but it lacks the searing capabilities compared to Deluxe. It is, nevertheless, a good budget-friendly solution for individuals who primarily want to smoke.



  •     Reaches high temps in sear mode
  •     Large cooking surface
  •     Two smokestacks for even heating




  •     Higher price point
  •     Auger sometimes jams


Green Mountain Grills Davy Crockett Wi-Fi Pellet Grill


Green Mountain Barbecues is a firm established in the United States specializing in producing low-cost wood pellet grills and accessories. It has foldable legs that can be changed into carrying handles, making it easy to transport the compact barbecue in your car and to your picnic. You can also read the inside temperature of the grill pretty accurately with the Sense-Mate technology. In addition, the brand has included a gigantic 17-pound hopper that automatically feeds pellets to the fire. Between 150 and 550°F, you can adjust the temperature in five-degree increments.

The grill’s most distinctive feature, though, is its Wi-Fi temperature control via a mobile phone app. You can adjust the temperature, alter the smoke level, and even set precise cooking timers to keep a watch on your food. Aside from that, the grill comes with 12V adapters that may connect it to a car battery or a small generator for power. In addition, this Davy Crockett Grill features a 12 x 16-inch cooking surface, a side rack for utensils, and an auto-ignition system that eliminates the need for chimneys or lighter fluids.




  •     Lightweight design
  •     Adapters offer powering options
  •     Foldable and compact
  •     Wi-Fi digital precise temperature control
  •     Large hopper capacity
  •     Option to add timer through the app




  •     Poor grease drainage
  •     Small cooking capacity

  • SmokePro DLX Pellet Grill by Camp Chef


    Pellet grills are available in a variety of sizes and features. The Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Grill, which takes the top rank among other pellet grills, offers the finest mix of heat control, grilling space, and easy-to-achieve tastes for consistently delicious meats. No matter how skilled you are on the grill, cooking on the pellets is easy, quick, and pleasurable.

    When needed, an automatic pellet auger delivers pellets and then shuts down. A digital temperature controller along with an automatic auger keeps the optimum heat level without any input. Consequently, you’ll have more time to concentrate on grilling over the dual-tier and huge cooking surface. When utilized together, both grilling surfaces provide 570 square inches of cooking space. The built-in ash cleanout/hopper mechanism makes cleanup a breeze.




    •     Built-in sensor gauge
    •     Consistent temperature control
    •     Temperature probe
    •     LED temperature readout
    •     Unique features
    •     18-pound hopper capacity
    •     Easy ash cleanup
    •     Electrical ignition for faster start-up
    •     Automatic auger for wood pellets




    •     Narrow dimensions
    •     Pellet feed issues
    •     Temperature varies


Final Remarks


A high-quality pellet grill may completely transform your BBQ game by imparting the desired wood-fire flavor to all of your foods. If you’re on a budget, one of the best pellet smokers under $600 on our list will make life easier for you. Always ensure that the safety of your pellet grill is not jeopardized while shopping for a low-cost pellet barbecue. The grill, for example, must be solid enough to avoid tipping. Grills with sharp metal corners and edges should be avoided. Another safety suggestion is disconnecting your pellet grill whenever you are not using it.


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