Best Professional Chef Knife Set With Bag 2023

In 2022, improvements in metallurgy and manufacturing will result in improved quality and a drop in the price of the average kitchen cutlery set, thanks to advances in metallurgical and manufacturing during the previous 50 years. However, the old saying “you do see what you paid for” still applies.

Several factors distinguish a $50 chef’s knife from a $200 professional chef’s knife. Steel quality, grip material, symmetry, and aesthetics are all features that distinguish these professional sets and justify their hefty price tags. If you’ve had enough of low- to mid-priced kitchen cutlery sets and are willing to spend a little extra to have an elite-level knife set that will make your kitchen counter seem its most pleasing, here are some of the best options.

The cutlery sets in this article vary in price from roughly $500 to $2400. Due to price fluctuations, there are usually a couple of sets under $500 in this post. Obviously, “high end” is a relative phrase, but $500 appeared to be a fair place to start for what other people would think premium.

Best Professional Chef Knife Set With Bag 2023

Classic Ikon 7-Piece Slim Knife by Wusthof

The Classic Ikon series is popular among expert cooks since it is clear that Wusthof intends for this to be the final kitchen cutlery set you will ever need to buy. The knives appear to be robust enough to withstand the apocalypse.

The Ikon knives are distinguished by their heavy weighting at the butt of the handle, making rock cutting much more comfortable and intuitive (for most people). Wusthof went to considerable lengths to ensure that the Ikon series is well-balanced and straightforward to care for. Although the classic Ikon series knives don’t have the same out-of-the-box slicing prowess as most Japanese knife sets, they are more long-lasting and less likely to chip.


  •         Blades are made of X50CrMoV15 high-carbon steel
  •         The handle is triple-riveted polypropylene.
  •         Walnut Knife Block with 15 Slots
  •         Full Tilt
  •         Not stamped, but forged


  •         No cons

ZWILLING Best Professional S Knife Block Set

The Professional S knives are one of the most classic designs on this list. They’re comparable to Zwilling Pro series knives, but they feature a more drop-point blade profile than the Pro Series, with a more curved edge with a straight-edge core.

The Pro Series features a half bolster, but the Professional S series has a full bolster (the portion where the handle joins the blade). The large bolsters provide improved balance and serve as a hand guard to prevent the hand from sliding onto the blade. It does, however, make sharpening the whole edge a bit more complicated.


  •         Blades are stainless steel with high carbon content and no stains.
  •         Not stamped, but forged
  •         Handles made of ergonomic polypropylene
  •         57 Rockwell Toughness fully strengthen


  •         It’s pretty costly.

Cangshan TC Series Best Professional Chef Knife Set With Bag 

Cangshan is a relatively young cookware manufacturer that has made a significant splash in the cutlery market. Initially, they focused on creating more affordable knives that were highly accepted and widely regarded as a good bargain. They just debuted their high-end TC line of knives produced with a fantastic Swedish Sandvik steel that retains its edge well and is quite robust.

While the high-quality steel is a significant bonus for this knife set, the blades’ design truly makes them stand out. Cangshan used a method that is a cross between Western and Japanese blades, similar to Dalstrong’s Shogun series or the Mosen chef knife.

It has a strong blade like a western knife, yet it’s narrow behind the edge and has a 16-degree inclination like Japanese blades. The TC knives function admirably, but because they are so new, it isn’t easy to assess them in terms of durability.


  •         The Swedish Sandvik 14C28N
  •         Steel has excellent edge retention.
  •         Not stamped, but forged
  •         Exceptionally Sharp-Made China


  •         The blade has rust stains on it.

Shun Classic Best 6-piece Slim Knife Block Set

The Shun Classic 6 Piece is a basic set that allows buyers to enter the world of fine knives for around $500. It comes with the essential blades, plus two vacant spaces in the block for future additions.

When it comes to cost vs. performance, this set delivers a lot of bang for your buck. The Shun Classics include VG-MAX steel that has been folded several times with high carbon steel to create the blade a touch stronger and keep its cutting edge for longer.

They also have the characteristic D-shaped Pakkawood handle that you won’t see on many of Shun’s other knife models. If you’ve never used a knife with a D-shaped handle in the Japanese style, you might want to try one.


  •         Full Tang Ebony Pakkawood D-Shaped Handles
  •         Cladding made of Damascus
  •         For Making Set Customization Simple
  •         Block Has 4 Blank Knife Slots.
  •         Individually made
  •         Forging rather than stamping.


  •         Rust patches

KRAMER by ZWILLING Best Knife Block Set

A collaboration between expert bladesmith Bob Kramer and Zwilling Henckels resulted in the Euroline Essential Series. Famous chefs from all around the world have long favored Bob Kramer’s knives. However, they are tough to come by and are rather costly. Fortunately, Kramer’s collaboration with Zwilling Henckels has allowed the rest of us to purchase a Kramer-designed knife or maybe even a knife set.

The Zwilling Kramer Euroline Essential Series knives are works of beauty utilitarian. They are undoubtedly many of the most attractive and distinctive knives available, but they are not another case of form preceding function. These knives are made for dedicated cooks who work long hours.

Comfortable micarta handles, superb steel, and fantastic blade shape conspire to form this collection of knives that is among the best-performing sets available today. This Kramer Zwilling set comes with an unremarkable wooden block, which seems odd given the high quality and attractiveness of the knives in the background.


  •         Full Tilt
  •         Handles that are pretty ergonomically shaped
  •         Edge retention is phenomenal.
  •         The best of both worlds in terms of quality and appearance
  •         It is forged rather than stamped


  •         Expensive

Best Professional Chef Knife Set With Bag Buying Guide

Blade Material for Kitchen Knives

The stainless steel vs. carbon steel argument dominates most debates on knife blade compositions. Unfortunately, determining the actual value of the best blade materials for kitchen knives is not that straightforward.

The fact is that there are no such things as stainless steel since all steel will rust if exposed to the right conditions (except H1 steel, which is a different situation). We’ll examine blade materials in the most popular categories because we don’t want to overcomplicate things for you.

Steels made of stainless steel

As previously stated, there is no such thing as pure stainless steel. Even though “stainless steel” is frequently used, the correct term is “stain-resistant steel.” However, because almost everyone uses the word stainless steel, we shall as well.

Steel must have at least a specified quantity of chromium to be classified as stainless steel (Cr). Chromium varies, but it’s usually about 10.5 percent or more. It increases corrosion, degradation, and wear resistance. VG-10, 420HC, and 440C are some of the most prevalent stainless steels used in kitchen knives.

Blades: Forged vs. Stamped

Kitchen knife blades are usually made in two ways: forged or stamped. There’s a considerable dispute between them that isn’t necessary. Let’s have a look at what we’ve got.


When you hear the phrase “forged,” it refers to a blade that has been forged from a single piece of steel that has been heated and beaten into shape. The blade is then heated, quenched (fast chilled), and tempered. After that, the edge is cleaned and sharpened to create the final product.

The following are some of the characteristics of a forged blade:

  •         A thicker blade
  •         Construction is more substantial.
  •         Typically includes a bolster.
  •         Generally thought to be of superior grade.
  •         Usually more costly


When a blade is stamped, it is manufactured by a machine. The blade is made from a piece of steel that has been heat-treated and cut using a hydraulic press. The gaps are then cleaned, polished, and finished.

A forged blade has the following characteristics:

  •         A thinner knife.
  •         Less heavy construction


  •         They are typically produced without the use of a bolster.
  •         Typically, they are less costly.

Straight vs. Serrated Edge

The dispute over whether a knife blade should be plain or serrated is one of the most heated among knife and cooking enthusiasts. The truth is that it isn’t a dispute; each has its own time and place.

When should you use a blade with a straight edge?

It is a tad bare, but if you only have room for one knife in your kitchen, make it a straight edge. These knives are the most practical and adaptable. When you need to make pushing cuts into food, plain advantages are ideal.

When should a serrated blade be used?

A serrated blade is not as standard as a straight-edged blade in the kitchen. The primary explanation for this is that few foods require a saw motion to chop them. The most common meals that necessitate a serrated edge are bread and tomatoes. Both will be crushed if you use a straight edge to press down on them.

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