Best Small Food Processor America’s Test Kitchen 2024

Food processors are multi-tasking kitchen gadgets that can help you grate cheese, cube steak, chop vegetables, knead bread, or produce a basic curry paste in no time. Food processors are typically large equipment. However, there are tiny food processors on the market. They’re inexpensive and ideal for a single individual.

The most excellent food processors are capable of chopping, blending, mincing, grinding, whisking, slicing, and pureeing. Many individuals are perplexed when choosing the most refined food processor for their kitchen since they are unfamiliar with the features and best versions available. In America’s Test Kitchen, we’ve compiled a list of the top tiny food processors for your convenience.

Best Small Food Processor America’s Test Kitchen 2023

Best Mini-Prep Plus Best Food Processor Cuisinart DLC-2ABC

This Cuisinart tiny food processor is the most excellent model. Cuisinart is a well-known kitchen equipment manufacturer. This food processor can do practically all of the prep work, and it’s one of the most affordable processors on the market.

This processor’s bowl holds 3 cups, which is plenty for a small household. It features a 250-watt motor that provides plenty of power for the jobs it was created to perform. It comes with an intelligent power blade for cutting or grinding.

This machine is easy to operate with two pressing buttons for chopping and grinding. Brushed silver, pink, white, and metallic red are the four various hues offered. It has an 18-month warranty coverage that guarantees its quality and durability.


  •         Capable of doing preliminary work
  •         It’s a breeze to use and clean.
  •         It just takes up a tiny amount of counter space
  •         It’s a relatively inexpensive item.


  •         While grinding hard grains, your bowl and cover may get scratched.

Mini 3-Cup Food Processor by Hamilton Beach

The revolutionary stack and press mechanism powers the Hamilton Beach Mini food processor. To chop food, push the lid and allow it to end. The components are simple to use and assemble.

This tiny processor boasts a 350-watt motor that can chop anything from hard nuts to grains to veggies and herbs, and it’s also great for creating dressings and sauces. It has a capacity of 3 cups, which is plenty for everyday usage.

This food processor is straightforward to clean, with all detachable parts being dishwasher friendly. The edges are stainless steel and are ideal for dicing, chopping up, and pureeing.


  •         3-cup capacity in a compact form
  •         The functionality of stacking and pressing
  •         Cleaning is a breeze.
  •         Proof against leakage
  •         Motor: 350 watts


  •         While functioning, it makes a lot of noise.

Chefman 4-Cup Top Electric Food Processor

This stunning food processor has cutting-edge blade motion technology that chops, blends, minces, dices, and minces. This compact food processor can chop or mix properly every time, with uniform and equal sizes.

Thanks to the straightforward controls, you can chop all of your favorite foods fast and effectively. This all-in-one equipment can handle all food preparation activities with a capacity of up to 4 cups. This gadget is fantastic at everything it does, from crushing ice to producing fresh salsa.

It includes a 300-watt motor that is powerful enough to handle all processing operations. Dishwasher-safe bowl, cover, and blades make cleanup a breeze. This processor is built to last, and Chefman backs it with a one-year warranty. As a result, you may purchase without fear.


  •         Chop or combine to perfection.
  •         One-touch procedures are intuitive and straightforward.
  •         Clean-up is simple, with a capacity of 4 cups.


  •         Blades are challenging to remove.

Best Electric Food Processor EMC4423 by Elite Gourmet

The Elite Gourmet food processor has proprietary HoverChop technology, ensuring equal food chops by moving the blade vertically up and down. This chopper cuts vegetables in a matter of seconds.

It has two speeds and operates on a pulse, ensuring quicker and more satisfactory results. Most household kitchens will benefit from the 4-cup capacity. It includes a built-in drizzle basin aperture on the top that allows you to add liquid ingredients to prepare sauces and dressings while the processor is running.

The 300-watt motor provides power and adaptability in a small package. It’s small, light, and portable, and it can go anywhere in your kitchen. This food processor is ETL certified and meets all safety requirements.


  •         Lightweight and small
  •         HoverChop helps you save time.
  •         The vertical blade moves up and down
  •         a strong motor
  •         Quick and straightforward to use


  •         Huge pieces of meat are chopped.

Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY 14-Cup Food Processor



The Cuisinart Custom 14-Cup Food Processor appeals to us because of its simplicity: The simple design of this 14-cup model makes things more straightforward to operate and clean than versions with more options or several bowls. It comes with a few attachments and CDs required for routine culinary operations, but nothing else.

This food processor features a simple UI with only two buttons and a single bowl. Its minimalism, however, does not come at the expense of performance. The Cuisinart excelled in various chopping, shredding, and blending jobs in our tests, and it’s more robustly made than other processing in its price bracket.


  •         36-month guarantee on stainless steel bowl
  •         BPA-free clear cover
  •         Customer service that is kind Cons


  •         It does not purée and does not grind finely

The Best Small Food Processor Buying Guide America’s Test Kitchen

When purchasing a food processor, there are a few features that you should look for. A tiny food processor will suffice if you are a single person or have a small household. The majority of high-quality compact food processors come with essential features. Let’s look at the most critical variables to consider before making a purchase.


The capacity of most compact food processor devices is 20-24 ounces, which is more than adequate for a single person. You must examine the power and select a model that meets your requirements.


The capacity of the food processor is the next most significant factor to consider. Keep in mind that a more powerful CPU will cost more, but it’s worth paying a bit more for a more robust system. If the processor isn’t powerful enough, the mass won’t process appropriately, and you won’t obtain excellent results.


The food processor’s security is also a significant consideration. The unit must meet all necessary security requirements and construct high-quality materials. You must ensure that the food processor you select is safe to use in your residence.


The majority of individuals base their decisions on the food processor’s design. The food processor’s design should be simple to operate and allow us to complete our tasks quickly.

The cleaning procedure must be simple. Look at the number of functions it can accomplish and the number of attachments it has. It’s also important to consider the quality of the peripherals.


Look for a food processor with a simple control panel. In today’s food processors, a digital LCD panel is standard. It aids in understanding the machine’s functions and allows you to begin using it rapidly.


Now that you’ve finished reading this post, it’s time to choose the most refined food processor for your household from the list we’ve provided.

The quality of the mentioned items is excellent; you may purchase them without hesitation. These goods are reasonably priced and made of long-lasting materials. You are wishing you the best of success with your purchase!

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