Best Steak Knife Set Under $100

Consider going to a restaurant that serves you piping hot steaks. The moment you bat an eye on it, you see an abrupt steak shape. Scary, isn’t it? Now imagine yourself as the chef who was responsible to serve you that steak; it is a bloody nightmare for him.

A chef who does not have the finest steak knife to cut those steaks through, is probably the unluckiest. If you own a restaurant which serves steaks as its staple item, you need accurate instruments that cut the best meat and give you no shocks or embarrassment.

The second scenario is you eating steaks. Your preferences include them to be juicy, tender and loaded with flavor. But for that to happen, you require the best steak knife that cuts it through easily. Therefore, we can say that whether you are a chef or a diner, the same rule applies i.e to get the best steak knife.


This article will help you find the best steak knife as we review the top 5 to make your steak cutting and eating experience worth it.

 A Guide To Find The Best Steak Knife Under $100

If you are a steak lover, you know the importance of using the correct steak knife. It is an art that stops you from destroying the meat you are about to dig into. A proper steak knife should have a sharp edge, a slender shape with a material that doesn’t doze off the moment it hits the meat.

If you have to invest into buying a steak knife, better finance purchasing one that lasts long and does not behave erratically.

Read the article below as we guide you through the basics of purchasing the best steak knife set under $100.

Stainless Steel

As the name talks for itself, stainless steel knives are rust free. Since you cannot keep buying steak knives every year therefore, buy the ones that last longer. A stainless-steel knife is durable with a long life span. Stainless steel knives are made from three types of steel given below:

  •         High Carbon Stainless Steel 
  •         Cold Stainless Steel – no fuss clean
  •         Tempered Stainless Steel – strong

Blade Size

When you want to buy a quality steak knife, you need to see the blade size that’s useful for both the meat and yourself. Most experts prefer a smaller blade which is 4’-5’ long, because they are manageable and very easy to use.

On the other hand, longer blades give an aesthetic feel and look more elegant to a glamorous steak dinner. If you are into beautiful steak knives, get your hands on longer blades. Either way, you should consider buying whatever your preference is.


Serrated or tooth knives are preferred mostly as it undergoes the beef very smoothly. With its shape and the saw-like face, it gets easier to cut both the soft and hard part of the meat accurately. 

Either you slice a cake or cut the rib’s eye, a serrated knife will do the best in cutting each through cleanly.

The 5 Best Steak Knives Set Reviews and Guides

Below are the 5 best steak knives that we reviewed in accordance with your requirements.

DALSTRONG Steak Knives 4-Piece Set – 5″

Dalstrong is quickly capturing the market. These knives are easy to use and do not tear down the meat. On top of it, the handle is quite excellent and gives you a great grip.

An amazing feature of a Dalstrong knives set is their Perfect fit guards. That means you can keep them safely for as long as you want. Highly recommended by most chefs and diners across the world to perfectly cut through the meat.


Product Specifications

  •         Brand: Dalstrong
  •         Color: Red
  •         Size: 5 inches
  •         Material: Steel
  •         Blade Type: Plain

Product Features:

  •         Imported German blades that cut through the meat sharply.
  •         Straight-edge blades which can be easily sharpened at home.
  •         Aesthetically pleasing handles made from Pakkawood
  •         Stainless steel


  •         Affordable
  •         Many options to choose the right steak knife
  •         Their designs are unique
  •         Premium quality blades


  •         Sold online only
  •         Although imported material is used, it is made in China
  •         Designs can be too bold for many

Emojoy Steak Knife Set

This is a product that you’d love to use if you want the best steak knife . With a sleek design, it comes with a set of 8 knives. Brilliant for small get-togethers where your friends and you can comfortably enjoy a smashing steak knowing that you have the accurate set of steak knives.

These knives have an absolutely beautiful presentation. Also does a commendable job at steak cutting. Their serrated blades easily separate the meat off the bones without destroying or tearing them apart. The best part of an Emojoy Steak Knife Set is its affordability.

Product Specifications

  •         Brand: Emojoy
  •         Color: Deep cherry
  •         Size: 5 inches
  •         Material: Stainless Steel
  •         Blade Type: Serrated

Product Features:

  •         Made of Thyssenkrupp high-carbon German Steel
  •         Handles made from Pakkawood give it a woody look.
  •         Three studs on the handle with great finishing.
  •         Premium materials used for the carved shape.


  •         Cheap and affordable 
  •         Practical for daily usage
  •         Stress tolerant handles
  •         Easy to maintain


  •         Hand wash only
  •         Slightly aggressively serrated


Henckels Steak Knife Set of 4

If you are a pro at identifying the best steak knives, you should know that Henckels has been the most preferred choice in the year 2021. The stainless steel does not rust easily and so gives you premium luxury.

The blades are serrated with pointy edges making it easily the steak knife. Lastly, if you want to give your loved ones a perfect set of best steak knives, choose the Henckels Set of 4 Knives as it comes in a wooden box, accurate as a present.

Product Specifications

  •         Brand: Henckels
  •         Color: Red, White and Black.
  •         Size: 4 inches
  •         Material: Carbon Stainless Steel
  •         Blade Type: Serrated edge

Product Features:

  •         German Stainless Steel
  •         Has a laser sharp precision.
  •         Available in three colors


  •         Longevity and extremely durable.
  •         Does not rust
  •         Easy to hold and use


  •         Although labelled as Dishwasher safe, it is preferred to be hand washed only.


Messermeister Avanta 4-Piece 5

If you are a pro who can identify the correct steak knife, your next purchase should be a Messermeister knife set, this is surely gaining traction from a lot of steak lovers.

The upward curve on the knife sets apart the bone and meat quite meticulously, making it even more attractive for you to use.

The next thing that is commendable is its Pakkawood handle. If you are an avid steak eater, you realise the importance of a great handle. The material makes it easy handling the steak knife which is a plus point in the eyes of the user.

Product Specifications:

  •         Brand: Messermeister
  •         Color: Silver
  •         Size: 5 inches
  •         Material: Steel & Pakkawood
  •         Blade Type: Plain

Product Features:

  •         Made from highest quality one piece of German Steel
  •         Extremely sleek with a modern handle
  •         Carved knife with a bold blade making it easy to slice.
  •         Water and rust resistant


  •         Easy to use
  •         Long durability
  •         Sharp edges
  •         Imported German Steel


  •         Made in China
  •         Thick in size
  •         Plastic casing
  •         Cannot be washed in dishwasher

Bellemain Premium Steak Knife Set 4

The last one on the list is the Bellemain Premium Steak Knife Set 4. This Steak Knife is extremely handy and very light weighted. If you are someone who is not comfortable using big knives then Bellemain is the perfect choice for you.

Quality blades which are sharp and equally smooth like butter. Approved by many professionals, this can be easily used in your house kitchen.

Product Specifications:

  •         Brand: Bellemain
  •         Color: Silver
  •         Size: 5 inches
  •         Material: Surgical grade stainless steel
  •         Blade Type: Hollow

Product Features:

  •       Sharp edges with a hollow ground that refrains meat from sticking onto the knife.
  •         Strong and made of full tang steel.
  •         Carved and sharp knife.
  •         Corrosion resistant


  •         Ice tempered steel that makes it longer to use.
  •         Elegantly designed
  •         Surgical grade knives
  •         Affordable for masses


  •         Not too light weighted
  •         Serrated and pointy edges.


To summarise, all these steak knife sets have different prices and varying specifications. We hope our recommendations will come in handy when you buy the best steak knife set under $100.

As described earlier, choose the one that suits your affordability and comfort. Make the most of your steak cutting and eating experience by finding the correct steak knife and investing in it.

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