Blendtec Stealth Vs Vitamix Quiet One

There are numerous options for commercial blenders on the market, but Vitamix remains a popular choice among professional chefs and restaurants. The Quiet One Blender from Vitamix is created to satisfy the demands of a wide range of company owners, and in this review, I’ll go over its unique features, how it compares to other blender models, and if it’s the perfect blender for you.

The Quiet One Blender

Vitamix makes blenders for both household and commercial usage. The business line’s warranty covers commercial usage and high volume settings. Business blenders are divided into two categories: beverage blenders and food prep blenders.

Their beverage blenders come in five different models, each with its own set of features and qualities. The Quiet One is the most sophisticated and feature-rich model available.

The noise-dampening technology in this blender sets it apart, making it suitable for front-of-house applications. The 36019 sound enclosure surrounding the blending container is meant to create less noise than a typical blender. This machine works fast and efficiently to offer you the beverage of your choosing, thanks to its 3-horsepower engine. It’s ideal for smoothies, lemonades, and frozen beverages.

For hands-free mixing, it has 6 optimum programs, 34 power levels, and an automatic shutdown. You may easily alter these variables to achieve the desired drink texture. If you have numerous blenders or locations, this is great since you can standardize all of your blenders using the same blending routines to increase staff productivity.

On bar tops and countertops, The Quiet One looks fantastic. Not only is it the quietest Vitamix, but it also takes up very little space. It features Vitamix’s 48-ounce polycarbonate “Advance Jar” with a simple pour spout to prevent spillage. This plastic container comes with accurate markings to ensure that all of your recipes turn out perfectly. The Advance Jar comes with a two-prong flat blade.


Features of the Vitamix Quiet One

  •         Motor with a maximum output of 3 horsepower
  •         Rotors are made of stainless steel and are extremely durable.
  •         Container made of advanced polycarbonate
  •         The jar has a 48-ounce capacity and no BPA.
  •         The no-drip spout cuts down on waste.
  •         Noise reduction technique that has been patented
  •         For popular products, there are six programmable blending cycles.
  •         There are 34 different settings and 93 different speeds to choose from.
  •         Make frozen beverages, smoothies, gravies, sauces, nut butter, and more.
  •         Shutdown by itself.
  •         Available as an in-counter or on-counter product.
  •         The product is NSF-certified and CE-approved.

Pre-programmed blend Cycles

For its pre-programmed cycles, the Quiet One comes with six buttons. The sort of drink you’re about to create will determine your decision. The first button, for example, turns smoothies and liquids into a creamy consistency. The second one works in the same way as the first, but with larger amounts.

Frozen coffee and juices are blended using the third button. You may use it to create thick ice cream drinks with the fourth. You should hit the fifth button if you’re ready to create difficult-to-blend ice cream beverages. Last but not least, the sixth button produces thick smoothies by blending frozen fruits and tougher components.

Changing the speed

While the preset programs may suit your needs, you may also use the custom speed settings. Are you unsure why you require them?

Each preset has its speed and duration restrictions. After using one of these, you might find that your drink requires a little more mixing before serving. You’ll have to do it with the other buttons accessible in this situation.

There are two-speed knobs on the Vitamix Quiet One. These “Up and Down” buttons allow you to adjust the speed in a range of 1% to 100%. There are other buttons for high and low pulses.

The programs have been designed specifically for the Vitamix Advance Container. Take a look at the handbook for a more detailed explanation of the programming possibilities.


For a jar with a capacity of 48 ounces, the 3HP motor provides enough power. (Competing blenders offer capacities of up to 60-65 ounces.) The blade design and torque of a Vitamix can purée any drink you can think of.

It can create hot soups, dips, salsa, and fruit smoothies (up to 170 degrees simply from friction). It’s not the greatest choice for making nut butter, milling flours, grinding meats, or blending extremely thick recipes because it’s intended as a drink blender rather than a food prep blender, and it lacks a tamper.

Blendtec Stealth or Vitamix Quiet One?

The Blendtec Stealth is often likened to the Vitamix Quiet One since both specialize in high-volume drink blending with noise reduction.

Here’s how they compare:

  •   The Vitamix features push buttons on the front, while the Blendtec has LED controls on the top.
  •        Both include preset blending cycles, but Blendtec’s “Profiles” allow for more customization.
  •         The Quiet One is a little quieter than the Stealth, but the Stealth is a little more powerful.
  •         The Vitamix advance jar, unlike the Blendtec, features an angled corner for easy pouring.
  •         Both are suitable for on-counter and in-counter use.

Specific Brands

Smart Blender Vitamix Ascent A3500

The only smart blender on the marketplace is the Ascent Series. You can download the company’s app, which includes step-by-step cooking directions and up to 17 walkaway mixing presets.

Smoothies, hot soups, dips & spreads, ice creams, and a self-cleaning feature are all controlled by five physical buttons. Dry ingredients, almond butter, foam milk, mayonnaise, grind spices, infant formula, marinades, frozen cocktails, create nut milk, thick dips, batter, and acai bowls are all available in the app. Some of these features need the use of a specialized accessory.

You may control it manually in addition to the futuristic features. To alter the consistency of your mix, it has a 10-speed dial, a programmed timer, and a pulse button. In a nutshell, it’s a multifunctional smart blender capable of delivering restaurant-quality results.

Fit Blender by Blendtec

With a 30-ounce capacity, the Blendtec Fit is more like a personal blender. Although it features a 72-ounce pitcher, its operational volume is less than half that.

But, in my opinion, it’s equally as strong as the rest of the Blendtec line. As a result, it will not disappoint in terms of mix quality. Not to add that the pre-programmed cycles make it easy to operate.

If you’re searching for a full-sized countertop blender, though, we think the Blendtec Total Classic Blender is a good choice. It’s also a low-cost alternative, but it has a lot more capabilities than the Fit version, including additional blending settings and a longer guarantee. Because these Blendtec machines feature a sound-proofing system, they won’t be as quiet as the Pro 800 model.

Blender Vitamix E310

When it comes to finding a low-cost Vitamix blender, the E310 comes out on top. In terms of blending capacity, it’s comparable to the Ninja Fit. Its 48-ounce container can only create two to three smoothie serves.

The good news is that you may always upgrade to a larger 64-oz tall container if you need it. Vitamix offers a plethora of attachments. However, the Vitamix food processor attachment is not compatible with this model. The E300 series, unlike the Ascent Series, lacks smart features. It has the standard Vitamix buttons, such as a 10-speed turn dial, pulsing lever, and on/off switch.

The sole disadvantage of this device is that it is among the loudest. We believe it’s a tie for both brands in this round. However, if we consider Ninja blenders, they will undoubtedly win this battle because they provide a wide range of inexpensive blending devices.

Vitamix The Quiet One vs. Blendtec Stealth Commercial Blenders

When it comes to industrial blenders, We’ve already covered a lot of ground in this article. Vitamix Even, by the way, The Quiet One is the current champion. This machine is found at every Starbucks location.

Blendtec Stealth, on the other hand, is as quiet and powerful as The Quiet One. It offers more blending settings than Vitamix’s commercial competitor.

Both devices are suitable for use in a business environment. Both include an in-counter and on-counter arrangement, as well as a rinse station for simple cleanup and a variety of accessories to help you run your business more efficiently.


What method do you use to clean it?

The pieces of the Quiet One are not water-resistant. However, they are easy to clean. The sound enclosure is kept in place by magnets, so all you have to do is peel it off. The rubber gasket and noise dampening pad may be easily removed by hand.

The materials used to construct this machine are simple to clean and rinse. Furthermore, all of the pieces are easily disassembled so that you may wash and reassemble them individually.

Which containers are compatible with the Quiet One?

Vitamix’s 48oz (1.4 liters) Advance container, 32-ounce Advanced container, and Aerating container are all compatible.

What are the terms of the warranty?

A three-year guarantee covers the motor base of this blender. The blades, containers, and accessories all come with a one-year warranty. From the first to the third year of the warranty, you are responsible for paying for delivery.

Last Thoughts

Hopefully, we were able to address all of your questions in this Vitamix Quiet One blender review. It’s one of the most popular commercial drink blenders on the market. It’s easy to work with and produces a consistent outcome. The noise levels should be close to what you would hear in a typical discussion.

However, you can’t use it to prepare food because it’s only meant for beverages. Despite this, it’s a good coffee option.

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