Best Food Processor In The World 2023

A food processor will drastically shorten the time you invest in the kitchen, with models that slice, chop, and shred your food, eliminating the need for hand-chopping.

With blade inserts that make meal prep straightforward, most food processors can chop and slice at a minimum. Some, however, have additional features, such as a foldable disc that can chop and grate to produce quick salads or sandwich fillings.

Many have pre-programmed features that let you chop or puree fully hands-free, and some even come with a whisk attachment for emulsifying sauces like mayonnaise or whipping cream.

Although many of the finest food processors can serve a complete family, we’ve also selected smaller versions that won’t take too much room on your kitchen counter. Check out Ninja and Magic Bullet’s complete kitchen systems if you want to combine your food processor with one of the top blenders. Here are some more of our favorites from Breville, Cuisinart, and KitchenAid.

Best Food Processor In The World 2023

Ninja BN601 Professional Plus Food Processor 

Chop, Puree, Knead, and Disc, another way of stating you’re using the shredding disc, are the four Auto-IQ programs on the Ninja Professional 9-Cup Food Processor.

The average capacity for food processors is 9 cups, excellent for big and small batches. The side has liter measurements on it, which helps create sauces and actual experimentation as you go.

We’re impressed with the adaptability and excellent quality considering the price, with a lockable lid for safety and a quad-cutting blade that doesn’t just slice what’s in the bottom of the bowl. It’s our top selection for individuals looking for the most refined food processor without any blender accessories.


  •         Not too costly
  •         Extremely strong
  •         Ample programs
  •         Easy to clean


  •         Only a single food bowl

Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY


 A slicing disk, a shredder disc, and a cutting blade are included.

Its enormous capacity distinguishes the Cuisinart 14-Cup Food Processor. It has five cups, more than just the industry norm if you need to shred industrial volumes of cheese or create a vast salsa all at once.

Furthermore, its simple form takes up no more room in the kitchen than is necessary. Other shredding and cutting disks, as well as a whisking attachment, may be purchased separately.


  •         Large bowl size
  •         Easy to use
  •         Slicing, shredding, chopping, and mixing


  •         Less intelligent features

Nutribullet NBP50100 Food Processor

The NutriBullet NBP50100 Food Processor may be the ideal option for a multifunctional food processor. It comes with two different shredding blades and a spiralizer attachment for making handmade zoodles or crisp curly fries.

There are a variety of attachments to pick from, which might result in a lot of clutter while the food processor isn’t in use. The NutriBullet NBP50100 Food Processor, on the other hand, includes in-bowl storage, so after you’re done washing it, it tucks away nicely, with just one disc not fitting inside.

The attachments are capable of almost anything. A dough hook, a chopping blade, and two convertible slicing and shredded discs (one thick, one thin) are included. The pusher comes in two sizes. However, customers say that the large one might be a little bigger to help with meal prep.


  •         Easy cleaning construction
  •         In-bowl storing
  •         Includes a spiralizer attachment


  •         The opening for the food is rather small.

KitchenAid KFC3516WH 3.5 Cup Food

However, this KitchenAid chopper is a little larger than another four micros at three and a half cups; it’s still called “mini” by testers and is efficient. This food processor is described as “tiny but formidable” since it fits in her relatively small home kitchen and can be used “in a rush” to chop vegetables quickly.

A 3.5-cup work bowl with a lockable blade, handle, and pouring spout for convenient serving makes quick, creative, and daily meal prep a breeze. The stainless steel blade has a unique shape that cuts and purees perfectly and locks in position for easy pouring.


  •         A cost-effective option
  •         A small footprint for the performance


  •         Lower power than bigger versions

Kocbelle Food Processor Best Food Processor In The World 

This wireless Kocbelle processor is relatively compact, with only 2.5 cups, making it simple to use and keep in small apartments with restricted access to power outlets. “This little guy might not contain a tremendous quantity, but what it loses in-room wins in power and simplicity of cleaning,” one customer with a small kitchen writes, noting that there is enough power to produce nut butter.

Even though it is battery-powered, it is so strong that one customer permanently replaced his massive food processor with this wireless one because his home lacks outlets. There’s no twisting or locking; insert the lid and blade, and you’re ready to chop. It’s straightforward to clean because of the dismantling edge and glass bowl construction.


  •         Surprisingly strong
  •         Mixer and food processor in just one
  •         Easy to put together and clean


  •         There are no speed controls.


The Ninja Professional 9-Cup Food Processor is our top overall selection for the most refined food processor in 2022. It’s competent and reasonably priced, with a vast capacity and clever blades that uniformly slice everything in the bowl.

The KitchenAid Food Chopper, which astonished us in testing and can be carried on the go during barbeque season and utilized in busy kitchens, deserves special attention.


When selecting the most satisfactory food processors, we undergo a rigorous testing procedure to ensure that our list includes the most excellent options. Not all food processors in our directory came highly recommended, so we looked at internet reviews and asked experts to see what made them worthy of a place in our guide.

If a food processor has been evaluated in our guide, it will give a five-star rating, which will be explicitly stated in the overview of each product. We don’t provide ratings for things that we haven’t tried.


Our suggestion is never to buy something that won’t fit your kitchen. Yes, it’s tempting to buy the most beautiful food processor available, but you’ll rapidly dislike it if it doesn’t work on packed countertops or kitchen cabinets.

However, not all food processors take up a lot of room. Even though there is a 9-cup model that will accommodate even large families, both of the KitchenAid alternatives in our recommendations have a compact footprint.


If you’ve ever tried making a smoothie in a food processor or chopping vegetables in a blender, you know how different the two devices are. Food processors are better for cutting dry ingredients since their bowls are flatter, but the vertical form of a blender’s pitcher ensures flawlessly smooth beverages in seconds.


It is unnecessary to spend a lot of money on the best food processor. Most of the models in our recommendations start around $50, which isn’t cheap for a substantial kitchen gadget that will last for years. On the other hand, food processors get more costly as they become more brilliant. A primary food processor, excluding the costly Thermomix, might cost as much as $200 for a multifunctional and high-end unit.

Design and Construction

There are mainly two sorts of designs when it is related to food processors. The ones with the container resting on top of the engine base are often larger and more powerful. Then there are some with a tiny motor attached to the top of the container that starts typically when it’s connected or when a pulse button is pressed.

Because you want to see what’s happening inside, almost all of the receptacles are clear. The kind with a container on top generally has an aperture that lets you add fluids or more food even when blending. The motor is turned on in the smaller units.

How to Look After a Food Processor

Excluding the electrical units, most of the elements of the food processor are dishwasher safe. It’s critical to wash the unit’s non-electrical components after each usage. If your food processor isn’t dishwasher safe, hand-wash all of the parts with boiling water and dish soap before drying.

Wipe the unit’s electrical base thoroughly with a moist cloth and then dry. To minimize space, reassemble all components and store them as a single unit. When using a food processor, avoid attempting to grind tough foods.

A food processor can chop and grind almost anything, although nuts, seeds, and tough vegetables like turnips, beets, and jicama should be avoided. These foods will wear down the motor and perhaps cause it to break. It will also dull or destroy the blade, possibly preventing it from functioning again.

Is storage necessary?

If your food processor includes many accessories, you’ll need to think about storage. Search for designs that have boxes or cases that continue to keep tools inside the bowl.

Keeping discs and blades in their box keeps them sharper and allows them to cut and shred more effectively. If you keep them accessible in a drawer, they’ll get blunt over time.

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