Food Processor vs Mixer For Dough

Kneading is required for various doughs to integrate air and create gluten, a protein that means giving bread and pizza doughs shape. Food processors and stand mixers aid in the kneading process by reducing the mess and speeding it up.

Although most food processors come with a plastic blade for dough making, some bakers prefer to use the metal blade for kneading since it cuts through the dough more rapidly. It prevents the dough from being too hot. In addition, the quick movement of a food processor’s blade aids in the uniform distribution of wet and dry components. Even though food processors spin at such high speeds, the dough comes together in just a minute or two.

A stand mixer with a hook for kneading dough is another fantastic time reducer for dough making. When using this powerful equipment to make the dough, knead it until it settles the edges of the bowl; if it begins to “climb” up the hand mixer, you’ve over-kneaded it.


Both sorts of machines can help you bake bread effectively. If speed is essential to you, a food processor for kneading dough only edges out a stand mixer due to its lightning-fast pace. The food processor comes in handy while creating pizza dough for dinner. If you’re baking numerous loaves of bread, though, a stand mixer has the capability you’ll need.

Dough Kneading

Proper kneading is required to include air and generate gluten for dough. Either a food processor or a stand mixer can speed up the kneading process while also reducing the mess. Food processors that can handle dough have a polymer blade, but some additionally have a metal blade for rapid slicing and mixing. Thanks to its quick performance, it prevents overheating and ensures appropriate and uniform mixing of dry and wet components.

Because food processors spin faster, the dough will knead in less than a minute. The stand mixer, on either hand, saves time because it employs a hook for mixing.

Dough for Pasta

Fresh pasta is the most delectable, as anyone who enjoys pasta would attest. The pasta dough is usually created with eggs and flour, and it may be transformed into a pliable and soft dough using any of these tools. However, we like stand mixers since they come with particular pasta attachments that can make, crush, and cut a variety of pasta forms. As a result, a stand mixer with pasta attachments will outperform a primary food processor.

Dough for Pastries

Pastry dough may be prepared in a stand mixer or a food processor and is used to create scones, croissants, empanadas, and pies. It is because both of them have metal paddles. Every food item, on the other hand, requires specially kneaded dough. You may use a stand mixer for this since they have several speeds that allow you to manage the kneading of the pastry dough.

Dough for cookies

Stand mixers and food processors are both excellent for kneading flawless cookie dough. On the other hand, a stand mixer has become the favored option since it allows for appropriate aeration. To prepare the perfect cookie dough, mix sugar and butter. Not to mention, stand mixers have a larger capacity, allowing you to make more cookies simultaneously.

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